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Since our early days in school, we were often fascinated when Valentine’s Day comes. We would cutout hearts from colored paper then give them out to our crushes in a simple puppy love gesture. As we grew older, our Valentine’s Day gifts became more sophisticated – from greeting cards to single stemmed valentines roses.

But what does this gesture of giving out gifts and valentine’s flowers actually mean? Who was Valentine anyway? The Church identifies three possible people as the original Valentine, but the stories were as murky as the chocolate you get come Valentine’s Day. However, they do portray a person who is sympathetic, heroic and romantic.

One legend narrates that Valentine was a priest who defied Emperor Claudius II decree preventing young men from getting married and dedicate themselves as soldiers of Rome. Fighting this injustice, Valentine continued to perform marriage rites until he was caught and put to death. According to the legend, it was Valentine himself who sent the first valentine’s card to a girl, probably the jailor’s daughter, writing “from your Valentine”, which is still used as an expression in modern times. He was so famous during the middle ages that the Church commemorated the anniversary of his death, which is continuously celebrated until now.

In modern times, Valentine’s Day gifts almost always involve flowers, particularly roses. This practice has become very famous throughout the years that they even gave meaning to the number of roses given during Valentine’s Day.

1 rose: “You are the one.”

2 roses: mutual attraction or mutual understanding

3 roses: “I Love You”

4 roses: no meaning in particular but some Asian cultures consider this unlucky

6 roses: “I want to be yours.”

7 roses: infatuation

10 roses: “You are perfect”

12 roses: “Be mine”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Knowing the background and history of Valentines gives a new meaning and purpose to this significant day, not only for lovers, but anyone who has love in their hearts.

© 2009

Peter Allan C. Mariano

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